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Standard Regions and Projections
Arctic Region (Arc 110) Bering Sea (Ber 256) China and Japan (ChJ 212) Siberia  (Sib 209) Southern Asia (SAs ) Southern Asia (SAs ) Indonesia (Ind 213) Australia and New Zealand (Aus 214) Antarctica (Ant 100) Antarctica (Ant 100) Other regions Southern Africa (SAf 208) Northern Africa (NAf 207) Northern Africa (NAf 207) South America (SAm 206) South America (SAm 206) Europe (Eur 210) Central Americal (CAm 204) North Americal (NAm 205) Greenland (Grn 202) Alaska (Ala 203)


Special regions:

NHe (Extended Northern Hemisphere)

EaN (EASE grid Northern Hemisphere)

EaS (EASE grid Southern Hemisphere)

EaG (EASE grid Global View)


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